(According some web designer you’ve never heard of)

Hi!  You’ve probably never heard of me. And I’m not really all that great with JavaScript.  I like jQuery a lot, though, and I’ve come across a few jQuery plugins that I consider “essential” as a front end web developer.  These aren’t fancy plugins that create slideshows or anything.  They’re plugins that add functionality I find very useful while writing jQuery!

This is one of those posts where I keep reminding myself to make a list, so I’m making it a post. (Plus, I haven’t published in a while and this is the shortest draft languishing in my queue.)

jQuery Ajax Manager

jQuery Ajax Manager is a plugin that adds extra control to ajax requests.   When you put ajax requests through the plugin, it queues them.  The plugin provides options for the queue, such as limiting the number of queued requests, controlling caching, and ignoring duplicate requests.  It also makes it more convenient to cancel requests. With the new promise object implementation in jQuery.ajax, I’m not sure if I’ll keep using this, unless I update it.

jQuery Timers

jQuery Timers is a plugin that wraps setTimeout and setInterval, giving them jQuery syntax and making it easier to track, update, and cancel timers.  I use this one all the time and I love it.  Well, I like it a lot.

jQuery Templates

jQuery Templates, so far as I know, started out as a regular jQuery plugin.  But now it’s an official jQuery plugin.  I’m not sure about the ramifications of that designation, but it gets special documentation.  This is an incredibly useful plugin for very dynamic/ajax-heavy front-ends.  It allows you to create templates for portions of a page and then render HTML using those templates and data in the form of JSON, etc.

It’s a pretty short list, I know — feel free to comment/contact @morewry with your suggestions!