Forget CSS frameworks — user interface components combining HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in a single distributable file are going to change user interface architecture on the web. However, web component specifications are still in progress and full adoption relies on using polyfills for evolving and still much-debated native features.

Fortunately, there are other ways to begin leveraging the UI component paradigm while we wait. For example, with AngularJS directives and services (and a little build-time magic), it’s possible to use UI components today without committing to web component polyfills.

Kara Erickson and I recently gave a talk on this subject at the AngularJS SF meetup at OpenTable headquarters in San Francisco and at the AngularJS Mountain View meetup over at Google. In our presentation, we shared how we are designing these UI components and some important AngularJS-specific techniques for building them.

While Kara and I gave the talk, the presentation was truly a team effort, with several members of OpenTable’s Guest Center Web team (Sara Rahimian, Barry Wong, Simon Attley, and Caleb Morrell especially) assisting with the slides.

Slides with speaker notes are available for perusal as a Google Presentation. Or on SpeakerDeck without speaker notes below:

A video of the presentation at Google is also available on YouTube. The video also includes an AngularJS news update and a lightning talk.