Here’s the hCard I’m working with.  This is a microformat that’s pretty popular–Yahoo supposedly makes use of it, for example, in spidering sites.  These can also apparently be processed into vCards for download & importation into most contact management software, though it would require a browser plugin or web app to do so.

<address class="vcard">
	<img src=" width=" height=" alt=" class="photo" />

	<h6 class="fn">
	Rachael L. Moore

	<a href="" class="org url" rel="me">
	Virtual Revolution

	<div class="adr">
		<span class="type">postal</a>
		<span class="street-address">123 Address St.</span>
		<span class="locality">Tallahassee</span>,
		<span class="region">Florida</span>
		<span class="postal-code">33333</span>
		<span class="country-name">United States</span>
	<div class="tel">
		<span class="type">Cell</span>
		<span class="value">+1.850.###.####</span>